Theater and Teenagers

stageTheater, as an activity, can be very important in the development of children. But, what about teenagers? What about the benefits for teenagers?

Experts have agreed for years that theater is particularly beneficial for this age group, especially those in that “weird stage” (no pun intended) of their seemingly complicated lives in which they are not quite sure what they really want. This is especially beneficial because it allows them to communicate at a very deep level, aside from the artistic level.

We can agree that theater is a FUNDAMENTAL tool to express ourselves and socialize, especially for teenagers, since it allows for them to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of themselves, their thoughts, actions and reactions.

Theater can become an essential tool for the development of their self-esteem, allowing them to be themselves without the pressures by their peers of having to “fit in” to a particular kind of group or subgroup, or even act any certain way.

Theater also allows these teenagers to be able to take a break from all the stress they may accumulate from school, friends and family. You will find your teenager focusing on developing some new skills that he will learn during theater and in part due to the like-minded people he will spend his time with.

You see, theater demands a special skill when it comes to concentration by developing different body expressions, vocal skills and improvisation. You will notice your teenager being a lot more comfortable in unexpected situations and even blossoming when in public situations.


Let’s summarize the benefits to teenagers:

  1. Overcoming excessive shyness
  2. Discovery and acceptance of their personalities
  3. Discovery and acceptance of others’ personalities
  4. Improved self-esteem
  5. Improved expressiveness – both verbal and physical
  6. Skill to adapt to unexpected circumstances

This is an age for young adults that is plagued with uncertainties, doubts, arguments and a sense of not being understood. Theater will soften these changes while channeling the energy into art and self-discovery. It will help your teenager to understand him or herself at a different level and possibly discover a hidden joy and potential.


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